About winery

The unique wines from Moravia

Wines are produced from our own vineyards or production from grapevine from domestic and foreign suppliers (for cask wine). On the tables of restaurants and into the hands of supporters of good wine we bring exclusive collection suitable for archiving, limited collections, select wine, Moravian wines, varietal wines and cask wines. The production of our winery is thus suitable for special occasions and also to a good meal.

We have complete modern equipment for the cultivation of vineyards and chemical protection of vineyards. Almost all green and harvest works are done in the spirit of traditional approaches manually.

Pavlovín in numbers

  • 1,500 tons of raw materials every year  we process
  • 1,000,000 liters of wine we sell per year
  • 60 ha of own vineyards

  • Extension of new 40 ha in 2014
  • 15 permanent employees

"In wine there is truth, our ancestors have claimed . But we know when we have a liquid grapes we can  learn everything and cruel life is better. "

Winery successes

We have great pleasure from every awards at wine exhibitions. Nothing can please so much like successes at prestigious competitions in strong competition.

From many awards it is worth mentioning CHAMPION Grand Prix VINEX 2014 as Lemberger, selection from grapes barrique 2011,Gold Cup Wine and the delicacies in 2014 for Pinot Noir, grape selection barrique 2011, Gold Cup Wine and the delicacies 2013 for Lemberger, selection of grapes in 2011, Great Gold Medal IWC San Francisco in 2012 for Chardonnay, grape selection 2011 and many others.

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